The Story of Kagisha

kagishalogoAt a conference in Dubai, a Ugandan journalist gave Kagisha founder Emma Vandore a name from her language. That word, which means blessing, became the name of Emma’s company.

Kagisha highlights the international outlook of the company – much of our work is about helping organisations communicate across cultures – as well as our determination to produce work of the highest quality. We want you to think doing business with us is a blessing.

It also reflects a passion for storytelling. It is a common belief that facts convince people of an argument, but in most cases if you are making an argument people don’t want to hear, they merely wait until you have finished talking before telling you how wrong you are. Stories are more emotive. If they reflect a fundamental truth then they are capable of reaching over initial resistance. They are a way of engaging with places and people and making connections among them.

The logo was designed by Daniel Kanabahita. It represents Kagisha’s passion for innovation.