Storytelling and branding

A well-told story has more impact on the human brain than facts, says neuroscience! When an investor hands over money or a customer opens their purse, they’re not just buying a product or a service. They are responding to the story of that product or service.

Businesses often try to tell their story though facts – in terms of the amount of square footage, investment or revenue, for example. While important, data on its own won’t win you new clients or investment. But make it a story, and you have the power to convince.

We’ve worked with companies and organisations at all stages of their storytelling journey. Some have a good idea of what they want to say. Others require more work identifying what their unique story – or brand – actually is.

Whether you’re an international institution, a global corporate or a small businesses we can:

  • work with you to identify your unique story
  • understand your brand positioning and its broadest and most detailed level (visual, tone of voice)
  • define a content strategy
  • use data effectively to enhance storytelling
  • inspire key stakeholders and audiences
Copyrighting and research

Story talent and literary talent are two different things – and Kagisha has both in spades!
Our copywriters are wordsmiths skilled at:

  • creating engaging copy
  • capturing tone of voice – whether you’re looking for copy drenched in personality or something more sober
  • distilling complex data and information into crystal clear messages
  • repurposing material optimised for specific channels and audiences
  • identiyfing editorial opportunities
  • SEO optimisation

We’ve created offline and online content including: website, brochures, digital marketing, fliers, magazines. reports, and full-length books.

Content Strategy

Whether it’s designing your website from scratch, or strategising a major communications campaign, Kagisha can make content work for your specific business needs.

  • audit your current content
  • analyse your business needs and shape content to fit
  • create content optimisied for its role in search performance (SEO)
  • order content for maximum user experience (readability)

Ever wondered why good writers struggle to get published, or why writers with questionable literary talent become best sellers?


This popular workshop – derived from creative writing classes Emma gives, and delivered at startup conferences in London and Paris – will give you practical insight into how to harness the simple but effective power of story and boost your chances of success, be it as a writer or as a business owner looking to improve the effectiveness of your communications.

  • Discover why story has more impact on the human brain than facts (neuroscience)
  • Understand the basic structure of story (Aristotle’s three-acts)
  • Consider story’s most powerful ingredients, from character to conflict
  • Learn the difference between story talent and literary talent
  • Feel the confusion of a good story told badly
  • Become aware of common pitfalls – and how to avoid them
  • Develop a new set of skills and ideas to market your business

Emma has run workshops, moderated sessions or delivered talks for Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the European Commission, Tech Hub, Plexal, Edtech Podcast Festival, Paris Pionneieres, Le Comptoir, Bond’Innov and Hitchin library, UCL, Place East London, the Federation of Small Businesses, Triple Helix, the London Stansted Cambridge Corridor conference, La French Tech at Africa.Com, and a France-India summit for Business France.